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Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
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Cash Programs

For Families with Children

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides both cash assistance and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance food benefits.  Families receive employment services to help return to work and are eligible for child care assistance. 

How much people receive in both programs depends on how many people in their household qualify for the assistance. Many families eligible for MFIP and not living in federal subsidized housing (such as Section 8) also receive an additional MFIP housing assistance grant.

The Diversionary Work Program (DWP) is a short-term, work-focused program for families with children under the age of 19 or pregnant women that are applying for cash benefits. It provides a maximum of 4 consecutive months in a 12-month period. Rent and utilities are paid directly to your landlord and utility company.


For adults without children in the household

General Assistance (GA) provides $203 a month to individuals and $260 a month to couples if all of the following condtions apply to their circumstances:  

  • No children in the household
  • Little or no income
  • Serious illness, a disability or other specific circumstances that limit their ability to work.

How to apply for Cash Programs

After completing the application you must complete an interview.  The interview can be over the phone or in person.

Commonly used forms


For adults with disabilities

Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) provides up to $81 a month for single adults and up to $111 a month for couples who are receiving federal Supplemental Security Income because of age or disability. Some people older than 65 or disabled and not receiving Supplemental Security Income because their income is just over the limit might also be eligible for Minnesota Supplemental Aid. The Minnesota Supplemental Aid Housing Assistance helps people with disabilities who pay more than 40 percent of their income toward housing costs so that they may have a choice about where to live.

Housing Support (Formerly known as Group Residential Housing or GRH) program pays for room and board for seniors and adults with disabilities that have low incomes. 

Emergency Help if you are about lose your housing or are experiencing homelessness

Emergency Assistance (EA) and Emergency General Assistance (EGA) provides financial support for households facing unexpected expenses (such as an eviction, utility shut-offs, or other expenses).  The availability of funds depends on several factors.  Please contact one of our offices if you are experiencing a situation like this to see if this program might work for you.