Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265
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Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265

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Intake & Referral Form to Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties

To report a natural or manmade emergency that may have serious public health consequences for the community, call the Minnesota Department of Health Emergency Operations at (651) 201-5735.

Martin County Center

115 West 1st Street
Fairmont, Minnesota

(507) 238-4757

(507) 238-1574

Faribault County Center

412 North Nicollet
PO Box 217
Blue Earth, Minnesota

(507) 526-3265

(507) 526-2039

In order to contact any of the staff members or department managers, send an email to the appropriate person in the following format, if you require further assistance, contact us via telephone at the appropriate county center.

If you are interested in exploring employment opportunities with Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties, please review the Employment tab of this website for additional information and contacts.

Executive Director

Business and Support Services

Division of Community Health Services

Division of Behavioral Health

  • Anna Garbers

    Manager – Adult Mental Health, Children’s Mental Health
  • Nicole Anderson

    Supervisor – Chemical Dependency, Community Supports and Mental Health Services

Division of Financial Assistance

  • Nicole Worlds

    Manager - Income Maintenance, Adults, Elderly & Disability, Children & Families
  • Lori Porter

    Supervisor - Child Support Services

Division of Social Services