Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265
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Martin County Center: (507) 238-4757
Faribault County Center: (507) 526-3265

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Together, we can heal.

Resiliency training will help your organization learn how to build resiliency into all you do. Why is resiliency important? It helps organizations create safe places where people experience less burnout, improved morale, and creates a safe place where people want to be. 

Most people have experienced trauma. We are here to help your organization understand how trauma occurring at any point in time will impact people long after the traumatic event(s) have ended.  We often experience trauma, including those experiences that resulted from adverse childhood experiences, manifest itself in many different ways in the workplace, community or at home. This training will provide your organization with key knowledge and actionable tools to support your employees, clients or patients navigate through their day by creating a safe environment with trauma-informed practices. 

Together, we can work to create safe and trauma-informed places for everyone in our communities.


For more information about Trauma & Burnout Training or Resources, contract Caroline McCourt at You can also click here to request a training for your organization.  

Martin County Center

115 West 1st Street
Fairmont, Minnesota 56031

Telephone: (507) 238-4757

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Faribault County Center

412 North Nicollet
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Blue Earth, Minnesota 56013

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