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Preventing ACES in Children

All parents want what is best for their children. We can use our understanding of ACEs to help us better support and care for our children.  

As parents with ACEs, we may have already passed on some ACEs to our kids already. Whether we’re going through a divorce, or we have a mental health condition or substance use issue – the reality is that our kids face adversity, despite our efforts to protect them. Things may happen that are out of our control – like an act of abuse by a neighbor or other adult, or a family member in jail.

Many of us find ourselves parenting the way we were parented, for better or worse. There are times we might lose control and make mistakes we regret. We may know what we don’t want to do, but aren’t as sure how to parent from a positive perspective.

Knowing our family’s ACE histories can be a catalyst for change.

We can break the cycle of ACEs. Learn more about strategies we can use to build resilience and foster healthy relationships with our children below.

Supportive Relationships

Social support is vital to kids’ development and to reduce the negative impacts of stress. We all need to stay connected to our communities.

  • Encourage connections with supportive adults like mentors, teachers, counselors, and coaches.
  • Help kids and family find meaningful ways to be part of the community, like volunteering. 
  • Turn off media and devices for high-quality family time together. Try making art, cooking, or playing games.
  • Help kids get involved in collaborative activities with peers like art, theatre, music, and sports. 

It just takes one caring, trusted adult to build resiliency and create a positive childhood experience. Mentoring programs provide an opportunity for children to develop trusting, supportive relationships with an area mentor. These programs encourage fun activities and regular interaction to support healthy relationships.  Click the links below to learn about local mentoring programs.

Blue Earth Area Mentors 

STARS for Kids Mentoring 

Kinship Mentoring of Martin County 




If you have ACEs, parenting can be very overwhelming. You want what is best for your child, and you might not be sure where to start. Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties offers a home visiting program for new and expectant parents. This program provides support, resources and guidance as new parents tackle the challenges of parenthood.

 Click here learn more about our Healthy Families America (HFA) ™ South Central Counties home visiting program.